Paul Lipscombe has been a photographer for over thirty years and the vast majority of his work has been in the landscape. He usually works on long term projects, often with some historical resonance, choosing an area to study over many years as can be seen in the various catalogues of work on this site. The Belgian project, for example, has already lasted 19 years and may not be finished yet and several smaller bodies of work are already over twenty years in the making.

In addition to his own photography Paul has taught the subject for nearly thirty years and has a particular interest in the history of the medium and its practice. In the last few years this has resulted in considerable research into the development of the photographic lens its influence on image making. Paul is currently updating his book “The Use of Historic Lenses in Contemporary Photography”, the new edition of which will be available as an ebook by July 2014.

Paul has also produced a large body of work with the Polaroid Transfer process in partnership with photographer Laura Wellington and a book of this work is currently in preparation.

Paul can be contacted at: